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Grow and Strengthen our Economy

  • Taxes should be lowered so that hardworking taxpayers can keep more of what they earn.
  • We must reduce the size and scope of government to create more economic freedom for individuals, families and businesses in Texas. I am committed to removing unnecessary regulations so that businesses can grow and create new jobs.  I will also actively work against the creation of any new governmental and bureaucratic red tape.
  • During the 83rd Legislative Session, I authored legislation to further strengthen Texas’ economy by providing substantive tax relief for small and mid-sized businesses in Texas.  Additionally, I was proud to co-author legislation designed to repeal and phase-out the onerous Texas Franchise Tax.


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Aggressive steps must be taken to eliminate wasteful government spending and keep Texas on the right path towards economic prosperity.
  • During the 83rd Legislative Session, I worked to do just that, fighting for the passage of legislation that eliminates wasteful government spending, redirecting those funds back to the taxpayers and to the core competencies of our state government.
  • I also fought hard for legislation that would put an end to previously used accounting gimmicks, and supported legislation that promotes government transparency and accountability to the taxpayers.


Invest in Critical Infrastructure

  • We must remain committed to investing in the critical infrastructure needed to meet the demands of a rapidly growing state.
  • I was proud to co-author legislation addressing our state’s long term water needs by formulating a sustainable plan to provide the vital capital needed to fund the Texas State Water Plan.  In addition, I joint-authored legislation that reduces the burdensome permitting process for water development in Texas.
  • I was also proud to support legislation focused on meeting the state’s substantial transportation needs.  This included directing the necessary funds to build new roads and maintaining existing ones, as well as finally ending the diversions from the gas-tax to non-transportation purposes.


Improve Education

  • Our tax dollars must be directed to our children’s classrooms – where they do the most good.
  • As parents, we must re-establish the control of our education system at the local level – with parents, teachers and administrators working together to provide the best solutions for our communities.
  • This legislative session I proudly co-authored House Bill 5 to address reforming our curriculum standards in Texas, which provides flexibility for graduation pathways, encourages workforce preparedness and improves assessment and accountability measures.
  • I was also a proud co-author of House Bill 300, addressing local control in the classroom by allowing school districts to implement their own curriculum standards and putting an end to unfunded mandates.  Texas is too diverse to implement a one-size-fits-all approach in our classrooms, and this legislation puts control back into the hands of local school districts.


Promote the Sanctity of Life

  • I believe that every life is created for a purpose and that, as such, Texas should be known not just as a state that protects life, but one that actively promotes a culture of life.
  • We must find new ways to provide better options to expectant mothers other than terminating an innocent life.  This includes actively working against organizations who provide misleading and false information to pregnant women, providing materials to schools which promote and encourage abstinence and making adoption in Texas easier and more affordable.
  • During the 83rd Legislative Session I authored the “Texas Parental Control Accountability Act,” which bans abortion providers from teaching sexual education in our public schools while promoting parental control in the classroom. Additionally, I was a proud Joint Author of House Bill 2364, known as the Pre-Born Pain Bill, which is based on substantial medical evidence that an unborn child is capable of feeling pain up to 20 weeks post-fertilization.  This legislation would ban the practice of abortion after 20 weeks of conception and establishes a state interest in protecting the lives of the unborn who feel pain.


Preserve Traditional Marriage

  • The institution of marriage is under attack and I believe we must actively work to protect and preserve it. I will fight against any legislation that would change the definition of traditional marriage as between one man and one woman.


Promote and Protect the Second Amendment

  • Our right to bear arms is one of the most sacred freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and I am committed to protecting and preserving this liberty.
  • While the debate regarding gun control rages across the nation, I believe Texas must take a strong stand by leading on this issue, starting with fighting against any unconstitutional regulation of gun ownership.  I sponsored legislation to exempt Texas from any gun ban instated by the federal government.  Additionally, I authored legislation that would establish Texas Independence Day as a tax-free holiday by exempting individuals’ purchase of firearms and hunting supplies in the State of Texas from sales tax.


Secure our Borders

  • The first step to immigration reform is for the federal government to secure our borders and ports of entry.  I am adamantly against any taxpayer subsidies for those who break our nation’s laws by entering and living in Texas illegally, and I strongly oppose blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants.


Uphold the Tenth Amendment

  • I am passionate about fighting any efforts to erode the rights granted to the States under the Tenth Amendment. The Federal Government is expanding and intruding on our constitutionally-guaranteed States’ rights at an alarming rate. This must stop.
  • Our God-given rights are under attack daily, which is why I proudly co-authored a constitutional amendment that guarantees freedom and protection of religious liberties from an overreaching government.


Protect our Neighborhoods

  • Our neighborhoods must be safe and I am proud to support and advocate for tough laws that keep dangerous criminals off our streets.
  • During the 83rd Legislative Session I successfully authored and passed legislation in the Texas House providing tougher penalties for sexual offenders.